Orvana is committed to the social development and well-being of the communities in which it operates. To this end, in addition to the payment of income taxes and other local community taxes such as land moving taxes, Orvana continues to support, financially and otherwise, local community endeavors associated with these objectives. The Company has supported the communities surrounding EVBC by donating funds to the local municipality of Belmonte to re-open the historic exhibition of gold mining in the area and supports other cultural and sporting activities in the communities of Belmonte and Salas. In addition, the Company has funded the re-stocking of fish species into the local rivers surrounding EVBC. Recently EVBC sponsored the Rio Narcea Salmon fair, provided mining educational materials and donations to the elementary school in Salas.

In the Chiquitos Province of Bolivia where the UMZ Mine is located, the Company is actively involved in the areas of agriculture, health, education, sanitation, purchasing of local goods and services and generally working with communities to contribute to the improvement of their standard of living. In 2011, Orvana renewed its support of $1,785,000 to the local communities for a five year period. Projects supported by Orvana include supervision of and financial support for community development projects such as utilities and parks, education and information technology, cultural events, community business development initiatives, agricultural projects and maintenance of community roads. In fiscal 2013, the Company funded $630,000 of such commitment.